Tier 1


Physical Examination

During the physical examination we inspect cooling fans, heatsink retention clips, various components for breakage or discoloration due to excessive heat or other conditions, and leaking/damaged capacitors.

Memory Testing

Memory is tested using software that detects and tailors a test specific to the type of RAM installed in the system. Defective memory can cause random errors, bluescreens, lockups, or prevent the system from displaying anything on the screen.

Hard Drive Testing

Hard drives are one of the components that fail the most in systems. They are also often the most detrimental failure because they hold all of your data! We run software that tests the speed and readability of every sector on your hard drive. Early detection of a failing hard drive often makes the difference in data recovery efforts. The longer a drive that is in the early stages of failure is run, the less likely data can be recovered. A failing hard drive may have symptoms such as slow booting or longer than normal load times for applications and occasionally bluescreens. You may also see an error that says "INACCESSIBLE BOOT VOLUME" or "S.M.A.R.T. ERROR."

Software Inspection - Adware, Malware, Spyware, Virus and Trojans

We use a wide range of commercially available software and proprietary software developed in house to detect many forms of malicious software. Removing many common adware, spyware and toolbar programs fall under tier two. Because of their nature, virus, trojan, and rootkit removal falls under tier two.

File System Check

The file system on your hard drive is an advanced catalog system designed to keep all of your data and operating system files neatly organized. If the filesystem is damaged or out of order some things may not load correctly of become inaccessible. Imagine trying to find something in a book with a damaged table of contents or index. You may not be able to find what you are look for at all.

Dust and Debres Removal

Cooling is important for any system to function in general and especially under heavy loads. All of your fans, heatsinks, and vents are cleaned of dust and debris.

Microsoft and Apple Critical Updates

OS vendors such as Apple and Microsoft patch vulnerabilities, corrects bugs, and add compatibility to their operating systems all of the time. For your protection and a continuos optimum experience with your computer we perform all critical updates from the OS vendor.

Basic Hardware Installations

The first tier also covers basic hardware installation for components such as a DVD drive, blue ray drive, hard drive, memory, power supply, CPU, video card, and sometimes a motherboard installation depending on compatibility and previous settings.



Includes everything in Tier 1

Tier two includes everything in tier one:

And additionally the things below

Virus and Trojan Removal

Removing advanced malicious software and resecuring your system can be a complicated process. It is important we take the time to evaluate the malicious software and take the correct steps to remove and repair damage the software may have done. Damage can including preventing Windows or Apple updates from being detected or installed on your system. The malicious software may also disable your firewall and prevent it from being turned back on, or change security settings in your browser or system in general to prevent removal. There are a wide variety of things the malicious software may have been programmed to do and it can take a long time to detect and take corrective action.

Desktop Motherboard Replacement

Due to compatibility issues or previous settings motherboard replacements may fall under the second tier of labor. Correcting settings and making the old components work with the new motherboard can take additional time not covered under the first tier of labor. Often this is decided on a case by case basis as every situation is different.

Reformating - Clean installation of Operating System

We can restore the computer back to its original factory settings or a brand new installation of the operating system. This also will include upgrading windows operating systems.

Assemble or Build a computer

Assemble a computer from scratch if you have all the parts. This iscludes gaming computers and RGB setups.